This healthy boy was born at home on Sept. 16th! We love you, Milton Robert ?? 9lb, 3oz

Carraig Richard was born at home on a sunny day, surrounded by his loving family on September 1st! 6lb, 14oz

Glow babies abound! Josiah was born in the water on September 2nd, weighing 9 pounds. His sweet sister Elisia was born at home a year ago this same month!

Miss Freya Lee was born in a birth tub at home on July 28th! 8lb, 10oz and growing plumper every day!

We said goodbye to two Glow babies at their final visit… Violet Bristol Shauna, born at home on July 16th, and her big brother Huxley, also born at home in 2015! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys with us, dear family. We will miss you!

This sweet baby is graduating from midwifery care! James Louis was born at home on June 7th, weighing 7lb 5oz. We will miss him and his dear family

Final postpartum visit with baby Louis Hill, born at home on June 6th, big brother Henry and his amazing parents… we will miss you all!