This dear family has had 3 babies with Glow Midwifery! Relationship-based care is one of the great strengths and blessings of midwifery care. What a joy to share so many powerful and beautiful experiences with our families!

Birth is sacred, birth is magical, birth requires us to reach deeper into ourselves that we can imagine. Welcome dear Samara, you are a miracle.

Thank you dear Glow families for sharing yourselves in our wonderful, growing community! I find it deeply moving to see the babies and children growing (Glow Midwifery is soon to be 8 years old!) to remember each birth story and reflect on how each of you have blessed my life. You are amazing and beautiful human beings!

Babies change so much in 6 weeks! Here is Beatrice Clarke at just 3 days old (with her amazing mama) and today for her final postpartum visit with Glow Midwifery. What a joy and privilege it is to walk the path of pregnancy, birth and postpartum with families.

This little sweetie was born in the water at home…. exactly what her parents hoped for after an emergency c-section with their first baby. What a triumphant and healing birth! Welcome Shiloh Marie

What an honor and joy to be midwife to a midwife! Florence Ivy, we celebrate your remarkable birth and your mama’s brave and beautiful journey into motherhood! Born at home on October 16th, 7lb 6oz