It’s hard to put into words how eternally grateful I am for my Midwife, Angela, and her Glow Midwifery team. My pregnancy journey and birth story will forever be a flourishing garden of memories because of these lovely ladies. GLOW stands for “Great love opens the way,” and all I can say is “YES!!!” Angela and her assistants radiate such a true and genuine love for the women and babies that they care for.

I have been a labor and delivery nurse for the last 7 years and have witnessed countless hospital births, and my first baby was born in the hospital with an epidural. But with my second baby, I really desired to have an unmedicated birth in the intimate setting of my home. So I did some research and was so fortunate to find such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and experienced home birth midwife. After meeting Angela for the first time and talking for a while, I felt such an assurance and confidence that I would be in great hands under her care.

I looked forward to my prenatal appointments with great eagerness. Each and every visit began with warm hugs from Angela and her midwife student, Charlotte. The model of care was holistic in every sense of the word…I was taught to trust the pregnancy and labor process like never before. I was thoroughly educated on health, fitness, and nutrition to support myself and my baby. Angela is very conservative in her care and showed a tremendous amount of attentiveness and caution…knowing when to step in if things were deviating from the norm, but also knowing when to watch and trust the natural process. By the end of my pregnancy, I felt like Angela and Charlotte were like family to me. They had instilled so much trust and confidence in the months leading up to the birth.

Angela and her team could not have prepared me more for labor. When the day finally arrived (almost a week and a half past my due date), it was FAST AND FURIOUS! I had about a two hour labor and I have never experienced anything so intense. I have never felt more primal, more empowered, or more supported than during this birth! I pulled from every resource within myself and leaned hard into my support team. Angela’s words of guidance, reassurance, and encouragement were LIFE to me and got me through to the end. She said I was “fierce” and I BELIEVED her! Even in the midst of every raw expression of pain, I was supported with patience, kept safe, and my labor process was honored every step of the way.

I just can’t say enough how much I love and treasure my birth story, and I have the Glow midwifery team to thank for that! If I have any more babies, I will most definitely be delivering with them again. And I would absolutely recommend these angels if you are considering home birth!

Melissa O.
Mother, Labor and Delivery Nurse

Motherhood is so very different mother to mother, birth to birth. As a Mother of two children previously birthed at home with ease, I was certain I wanted a home birth and set out to find the best Midwife I could find in Portland to guide me through this process, finding warmth and wisdom; serenity and powerful strength in Angela and Glow Midwifery.

Unfortunately, my road to birthing my Glow baby was a difficult one. My husband and I experienced a miscarriage, followed a year later by the turmoil of COVID and a hard subsequent pregnancy.

Due to health concerns, I was not able to birth at home but Glow saw me through my care and I am so touched by their deep love and support; their constant encouragement. Glow really invested in me and my growing family beyond just being my healthcare provider and ushering in the life of my child; and fortunately, when it came to it, the birth of our precious daughter was incredibly quick and easy. I experienced a beautiful and serene birth with the powerful and magical presence of Glow.

I could not be in more gratitude for the expertise and knowledge, gentleness and guided care I received from Angela and her team. I truly could not have walked this journey without them and cannot recommend Glow Midwifery highly enough.

Elle R.
Mother, Physicist

I love Glow Midwifery! I could easily say a million good things about my experience with Angela and her team (I primarily saw Angela, Lucy and Sarah). I always knew I wanted to have a midwife involved in the birth of my babe, but originally did not consider a home birth. I was seen by a hospital midwife group for the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy, and while the experience was fine, it just wasn’t what I really wanted. My intuition kept telling me there was something different…something better. At the beginning of my 3rd trimester I called Angela and she was more than happy to answer all of my questions and fit me into her schedule right away to see if we would be a good fit. Once I met Angela, I instantly knew she was the person who was supposed to bring my baby into this world. I’m so glad I made that call.

Angela and her team are smart, compassionate, funny and best of all they are incredibly skilled at what they do. I felt safe and supported in my journey 100 percent of the time. I knew Angela had my best interest in mind, and I always felt comfortable reaching out to her with questions or concerns. She was always responsive and thorough. I looked forward to attending every check up both pre and post natal and can truly say that I miss seeing Angela and Lucy’s faces so often.

I ended up delivering at 42 + 1 as a first time mom. Through that experience, I never felt pressured to think about hospital induction (the word was seriously never brought up), we just took one day at a time. Angela and Lucy supported me in trusting my body and also performed all necessary tests to ensure that babe was doing well (she was!). I ended up doing a natural herbal induction at 42 weeks, monitored closely by Angela (checking in via phone and text throughout the day) and she even did a membrane sweep later that day in hopes of getting things moving (which it did)!

During the actual home birth, I was surrounded by my husband, 3 amazing midwives and all of their calm energy. It was everything I hoped for. Rather than being in a sterile hospital environment, I was able to recover in my own bed with my husband and baby. The midwives cleaned and changed our sheets, brought me snacks, and monitored both myself and babe for several hours after the birth. I had a good size tear, and Angela stitched me right up on my bed (and the tear healed wonderfully). We laughed and cried together. It was beautiful.

I cannot stress enough how amazing these women are! They gracefully support both mom and baby through a HUGE, amazing, transitional time. As a new mom, I cherished the gentle guidance and encouragement they provided. They are the perfect combination of professional, relaxed, loving and skillful. I truly appreciate my birthing experience and would choose this path a million times over.

Thank you Glow Midwifery! Beatrice, Michael and I are forever grateful for the positive impact you have made on our lives.

Aylee M.
Mother, Licensed Acupuncturist

Love Love LOVE! I cannot recommend Glow enough! We received outstanding, compassionate comprehensive care from a team of kind professionals. They made sure our birth plan was honored as closely as possible. Provided us with the knowledge and tools for an empowered home birth.

I was able to have the kind of birth I always wanted, supported by women who held space for our family-centered experience. They made me feel safe, medically and mentally, and created an environment of both vulnerability and strength throughout my entire pregnancy and postnatal period. My son was birthed into skilled and caring hands! Use Glow for your babes! You won’t regret it.

Kristi W.
Mother, Registered Nurse

Words cannot describe my gratitude for the women at Glow Midwifery!! I had my second at home birth with them as a single mother and their support the entire term was more than I could ever ask for. I lived in a very tiny studio apartment but that didn’t stop Angela and her team from creating a special environment for me to birth my son in. During my labor when I was feeling weak and powerless the women at Glow Midwifery gently reminded me of my strength, and power as a woman working with my body to bring my baby from one world into the next, I can honestly say I have never in my life felt so empowered as I did in those moments. I will forever be grateful for those encouraging words, the gentle massages, the silence to birth and process what I needed. This was sisterhood at its finest! Thank you Thank you Glow Midwives for showing me love, support and guiding me during such a transformational experience. I will never forget you Ladies. Ezra, Vaeda and I love you and all that you do!

Sarah M.

I consider it one of the great blessings of my life that I found Angela and Glow Midwifery to usher me into motherhood. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a home birth and a midwife to help me feel empowered and respected in my choices. A friend recommended a few doulas and birthing centers in the area; I had recently moved back to Portland from Kenya, so was new to the whole scene and started calling around. Angela answered right away and set up an in person meeting for later that week. At this point, I was already 26 weeks and had been jostled around a fair bit in the care of a family practice doctor.

The first time I met Angela, she listened to the craziness of my situation (father in another country, recently unemployed, and several possible barriers to a home birth) with so much loving empathy she even cried when I did. I left knowing I had found not only my midwife, but a spiritual advocate and friend.

Angela and her midwife team – in my case Brandee and Maggie – are superb in every sense. Calm under pressure, extremely competent, a thoroughly holistic approach and they go above and beyond. My case was not an easy one. My pregnancy (like many) was an emotional roller coaster. Few appointments went by without tears being shed, but I never felt anything but safe and respected.

From my first visit in Glow’s care, I knew I had made the right choice. Angela and Maggie explained everything they were doing, and informed consent was the order of the day. Instead of a dismissive five minute visit with a doctor that left me with more questions than answers, my visits with Glow were an hour, during which we discussed everything about how I was feeling – physically, mentally and emotionally. They listened at the right times and guided at others.

I am a single mom and live with my parents. My mom is an RN and had some reservations about a home birth. At 38 weeks, we experienced something that quieted all of her fears. During my prenatal visit both Angela and Maggie palpated my baby’s position with great care. They believed that my son was breech (meaning an almost certain C-section if he did not turn before labor), and the events that followed showed everything they were made of.

Angela ordered an ultrasound for the next morning, a Saturday. The ultrasound confirmed the breech and I called her right away to let her know. Angela acted with lightning speed. She began making calls, and within a few hours, I was scheduled for the next day (Sunday) at Providence. They would be performing an external cephalic version, which is only successful in about 50% of cases, and even less often in first pregnancies. Angela and Maggie both called me Saturday night to assure me they would be present and walk me through everything I could expect. My mom and sister were with me bright and early the next morning. When Angela arrived in the midst of the third person fumbling to place an IV, she simply took my hand as I silently cried. Despite a highly stressful and painful process, the version was successful!  I left the hospital that day reeling from how profoundly Angela had my back and how swiftly she had acted on my behalf. We were now ready to welcome baby Malcolm into the world in just the way I intended!

As my due date came and went, my anxiety ratcheted up to astronomical proportions. But the day of his birth was so calm, powerful and full of love. The midwives demonstrated confidence in my abilities and let things unfold as they were meant to. When I faltered, they encouraged me with words, songs and touch. Right after Malcolm was born, I simply remember five women’s faces smiling down at me (Angela, Brandee, Maggie, my mom & sister) – five women who I loved so deeply, our spirits forever knit together by the experience of bringing life into the world.

Angela and her team emanate light. She is the strongest advocate a mother and child could have, and I feel eternally grateful to have started my little family in her gentle care.

Megan M.

After sifting through dozens of websites and reviews featuring Portland hospitals, birthing centers, and midwives I finally unearthed the Glow Midwifery website. I can’t remember exactly how, after my long search, I stumbled upon this gem of a practice. All I know is that I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have done so.

I spent weeks searching the Internet for answers. Answers to questions like: Is giving birth in the hospital my only option? What options do I have? How can I remain in control of what happens to my body and the body of my child? How can I avoid interventions? Do I need to take a million tests? Can I find a care provider that will respect my wishes to have a natural home birth?

I was filled with anxiety about losing my freedom to choose how I wanted to bring my son into the world. Then I found Glow. I read their philosophy and I knew this was the place I had been searching for. Angela responded to my inquiry almost immediately. Meeting her in the cozy backyard cottage made of wood from an old barn and half filled with the beautiful tools of a violin maker was far away from the experience I might have had at a doctor’s office. The intimacy made me feel more at ease. Angela’s kind, calm, and nurturing manner won my trust.

My experience as a client at Glow was more than I ever hoped it could be. Angela provided more than just health care but emotional support as well with the understanding that the two are inevitably intertwined. Angela provided an environment of support throughout my pregnancy as I dealt with stress, whether they be work or family issues, and actually cared.

Throughout my patronage at Glow I was treated with loving respect from Angela, Brandee, and Val. They made me feel comfortable and empowered. They provided me with a wealth of knowledge and delivered a balanced view on tough topics. When asked they shared their opinions in a respectful manner. Angela, caring and non-judging, was always able to calm my fears and anxiety and knew how to make me more comfortable.

The midwives were diligent in following up with my concerns. Most importantly, my choices about my body were respected. Knowing I could always call them with my questions was truly a comfort. Having them visit my home provided a level of service I had never experienced in a health care professional and made me feel as though they viewed me not as just a client, but as a whole person.

When the actual moment came Angela, Val, and Brandee went above and beyond. They adapted to every situation. They guided me and supported me all the while ensuring the safety of myself and my son. Their presence gave me comfort and their words of encouragement gave me faith to trust my body and my baby. They were diligent and thorough in caring for my health and the health of my son allowing me to remain confident in my choice to have a natural home birth. I am filled with gratitude for the level of personalized care they provided before, during, and after the birth. What a comfort it was to know my new son, Jack was in good hands.

In the end Angela, Val, and Brandee felt more like family to my husband and me than care providers. They worked so hard to give me the wonderful gift of the home birth I always wanted and the confidence to believe that I could do it. The midwives at Glow have left an imprint on my life that cannot be erased, they helped me bring my darling little son into the world.

Thank you Glow. You have my eternal gratitude and a place forever in my heart.

Ashley H.
Mother, Art Therapist, Social Worker

I could not give a higher recommendation to Glow Midwifery. Angela is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and supportive. I decided to switch from a planned hospital birth and OB care to a home birth with a midwife at 20 weeks. The team at Glow made this transition smooth and easy and gave me all of the information I needed to make the best decisions for my birth.

Their prenatal care was above and beyond what I was receiving and the cottage is such a warm and inviting place for these visits, basically the opposite of a traditional clinic but with all of the tools necessary for providing care. My birth was an amazing experience and I give Angela, Maggie and Jocelyn so much credit and thanks for helping me through with all of their support and assistance, their presence throughout made me feel very safe and confident. I really recommend anyone who is considering a home-birth or seeking care from a midwife to contact Glow. I will definitely be returning!

Faith R.

I chose Glow Midwifery for my second birth, a VBAC, after starting the pregnancy with an OB. I wasn’t totally sure I wanted to have a home birth VBAC, but after weighing my options and meeting with Angela, I decided to go with my gut and try for the home birth VBAC. Angela is so warm and caring, she starts and ends each appointment with a hug. She is very available via phone, text, email. More importantly, she is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. She presents all sides when offering various tests and procedures.

My birth ended up being very quick, 2 1/2 hours active labor, and her whole team was so supportive and calm under pressure. They felt like old friends attending my birth. She helped my husband “catch” the baby and I was able to hold her on my chest minutes after the birth (something I missed out on with my first birth). Angela and her team are great!

Chloé D.
Mother, Art Therapist, Social Worker

We searched long and hard for a home birth midwife team. When I met Angela, I was instantly put at ease by her nurturing presence and I felt confident in her knowledge and experience. Throughout our appointments with Angela and Valerie, my husband and I were continually supported as a couple going through the birthing process. Our questions were answered with a wonderful depth of knowledge paired with a compassion I appreciated more than I can say.

Angela continually offered support on the journey, responding to any concerns or questions. She made me feel confident, informed, and prepared for birth. We gave birth to our joy, Henry, after a long–but ultimately wonderful–labor at home. Despite our exhaustion, Angela and Valerie gave my husband and I the support we needed to keep going, all while providing the utmost care for our little one. I am so blessed by the experience and the care we received from our Glow midwives.

Megan H.
Mother, Photographer

Love them! Headed into our second baby with fears of a repeat of the first non-supported labor. I was lead through a journey of processing, finding healing and opening up to a new team. At every turn I was met with love and guidance. When labor hit, Angela’s calm, excited and caring voice matched my tone over the phone encouraging my mom intuition.

Soon the calm loving, supportive, and relaxing voices filtered into my home. Never in my life have I had my needs predicted and met without me having to figure out what I needed first. Never in my life have I felt so supported and so loved. I am confident that GLOW was hand picked just for me. God’s perfect gift to this laboring mama! Only downfall is that I want another! That loving support is slightly addicting!

Suzanne M.

We’ve known Angela for many years and when I became pregnant we wanted her to be our midwife because of her experience in midwifery, calming nature, and caring and nurturing personality.

At every prenatal visit, Angela took the time to answer our many questions, addressed concerns, and guided us in each step of my pregnancy. Angela was always responsive, answering all text messages and calls. We felt comfortable at each visit because of Angela’s professionalism and her belief in the strength and capability of women’s bodies. I believe we received the best care possible at Glow Midwifery.

After labor started, the birthing team, Valerie, Angela, and Brandee, arrived at our home. They listened to me and my needs to make me feel reassured, comfortable, and safe. My trust in Angela’s abilities as a midwife and her tranquil nature allowed me to open up and find the strength in my body to give birth to our daughter at home. We could not have imagined a more perfect birth experience.

Thank you, Angela!
Lisa and Russ

Having known Angela before becoming pregnant I already knew what an amazingly kind and loving soul she has. But working with someone as a care provider is much different than knowing them as a colleague or friend. You learn things about one another you never knew and you form a very special bond – no one else will ever know this relationship or experience. My husband and I interviewed several midwives in our search and agreed on all counts that Angela was the one! And we could not have been more pleased.

Angela has loads of experience, incredible intuition, endless patience, respect, and understanding, and a very calming energy. When I was in labor I didn’t want anyone near me. I yelled at my husband, my mother… even my cat! But when Angela arrived at my home all I wanted was her by my side. I believe that is a testament to her spirit and her craft. Not only did she know exactly how to assist me clinically, but she served my emotional needs just as well. My birth experience was PERFECT, in great part thanks to Angela and her faith in the power of women, their bodies, and their babies. And now I have a beautiful baby girl!! The light of my life! I can’t thank Angela enough for the role she played.

I had the great pleasure and honor of being Angela’s first client in her new role as owner of a midwifery practice and I wish her the best of luck in her blossoming career. She has a loyal client in me. I will be back for my future babies!

Great Love truly does Open the Way.

Mother, Certified Nurse Midwife

Here it is nearing a week since our sweet Alden was born and I still stand in awe of the power and beauty surrounding our special day. So often in life we have our own expectations of what is to be, and so often we are humbled by the impish and unpredictable nature of the universe. Our journey began beautifully in the soft comfort of home… mama labored so gracefully… in the air a soft electricity spoke of love and light… the flow of the Glow team was a beautifully executed dance… a great attentiveness balanced by a profound respect for the intimacy of the moment.

As I said before we often find ourselves swept away from the mooring of our ideals out into the vast and unpredictable sea of reality. All I can say is that the Glow team acted with the utmost humility and grace when it was determined that we needed to take the show on the road, so to speak. What followed was perhaps the single most nerve wracking fifteen minutes of my life as we loaded Mama and Angela into the car (myself behind the wheel) and crawled our way through the rainy traffic filled streets of Portland toward Emmanuel Hospital. Again at the hospital the grace and humility of our birth team shone like a beacon of light amidst the confusion that was to become our new labor. Not only did they continue to monitor mama and baby, but they also acted as translators between us (Lauren and myself) and them (the two hundred… or so it seemed… doctors nurses and specialists who came to see us that afternoon).


In the end our lil’ Alden was born via C-section, but not for one moment did Angela leave our side. We felt so honored to have her be present in the operating room during the birth (and what an amazingly talented photographer she is). What else can I possibly say but thank you… thank you… thank you. Though our sweet nugget was born in the hospital, we give all the credit for the birth to Glow… we love you lots…

Luke, Lauren, and Alden

In this day and age where the medicalization of women’s bodies has become commonplace, it is an oasis and sanctuary to find such a skilled midwife as Angela who knows that a woman’s body holds within it the immense capacity for growth and birth. She holds sacred the bond between mother and child and understands that pregnancy, labor and birth is a dance that only the mother and child can do together. As a healer and midwife, Angela holds the space for each woman to actualize her power to bring forth her child while standing at the portal of motherhood, inviting you in.

When I first met Angela I instantly loved her grace, poise and laughter. After that short introduction where I learned she was a midwife, I knew I wanted her to be a part of my birth. Angela’s presence during each of my appointments was welcomed. She brought patience, understanding, wisdom, tenderness and compassion. Her knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth is made all the greater because while not only being a skilled baby catcher and healer she is a mother of two. I trusted her wisdom because she had walked the path that I was walking. Throughout my pregnancy when I had questions or concerns I had ready access to Angela. If she did not pick up her cell phone immediately, she would call me back within a few hours. That was such a reassurance, to know that I could count on her anytime, day or night.

And when the big day arrived, the day of my son’s birth, Angela was loving, directive as necessary and so excited to meet Parker. One thing that stands out to me in particular, moments after giving birth and I was holding my son on my chest, falling deeply in love, I saw her face and thought to myself, “She’s falling in love all over again with midwifery and mommy-hood.” What an amazing job to witness childbirth—a woman’s triumph of strength, will and grace and the new life entering this world. When I birthed the placenta she showed me the tree of life and although she had probably already seen hundreds of placentas she was as enthralled and enamored with it as I was—this flesh and blood system that fed and gave oxygen to my child! Days later during the home visit to check on our new family she provided loving and skilled attention and support to both me and Parker.

Angela is truly a gift and a wonder and I will be forever grateful that she was a witness to the most incredible day of my life. Thank you, Angela!

Mother, Feminist Activist, Scholar, Researcher, Teacher

From our first prenatal with Angela, I knew we had made the right decision hiring her as our midwife. Like any first-time mom, I was full of anxieties and questions, but Angela’s calm, soothing manner instantly put me at ease. Whenever I had questions or concerns, not only would she answer them fully and without judgment, she would also provide me with evidence, alternatives and further resources, so we could make the most informed decisions possible.  At all times my husband and I felt like we were in complete control of our pregnancy and birth, and that Angela was there to help guide and support us. We always felt listened to, respected, and that what we had to say really and truly mattered.  When I went into labor, I felt safe and cared for the entire time, and despite our daughter’s unusual birth presentation (compound nuchal arm), Angela handled it smoothly, calmly and with swift, decisive action.

Angela combines the best of both worlds; the personal relationship that comes with holistic, individualized care, and the safety and peace-of-mind that comes with excellent professional clinical skills. Angela’s passion for mothers and their babies is evident in all that she does, and we could not be more satisfied with her as our midwife! (for #2 as well!)  Angela embodies what a great midwife is; she is the heart and soul of the profession. She emanates love and peace, and I feel so safe and happy around her. There may be a lot of midwives in Portland, but she is one of the best!

Mother, Women’s Health Advocate, Aspiring Midwife