Welcome sweet Esme Opal – Born 3/16/21 ? Perks of home birth, your midwives come to you! ??? What a lovely day filled with snuggles and sunshine ? 

My, oh, my does time fly when you’re having fun! Welcome to the world, Elwood Solaris, born on 1/27/21 ? Every family’s journey looks a little different and we celebrate each one with tenderness, compassion and encouragement ??? We are never ready to say goodbye when they graduate out of care but we know how much more fun is on the horizon ? You’ll always have a place in our hearts!

Whoa baby, Glow has been busy with babies!! Sweet Xolani immediately brightened the world with her presence, born on the day of love, 2/14/21 ?? It is such a gift to be present with our families as they step into the dance of postpartum ????

The labor of love is a precious process of resilience, trust, surrender and strength ? The journey to meeting your baby is a long awaited experience that truly delivers the start of a new world. We as midwives feel so fortunate to witness the earth shattering power of first time parents working in tandem! The months of patiently preparing for their special day! Welcome to the world sweet, Levi, your arrival was such a gift! We have deeply cherished this chapter with your family. Born in November 2020 weighing 6lb 4oz.

Oh, Otto! Your arrival was long awaited! Your family (and Midwives) is so smitten with you! We have deeply enjoyed guiding your journey into the world and knowing you are in the best hands! You are here to do big things, little one ???


Precious Omni Joy! This beauty was born in August 2020 weighing 8lb 11oz and full of loving, strong willed energy. It was truly a JOY watching your family grow with your earthly arrival! This little one already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

There’s nothing quite like the love these big brothers have for their new baby sister. Vera swiftly joined her sweet family on 9/8/20 weighing a perfect 7lb 5oz. It is truly a joy to watch the happiness this little lady has brought into the world. We are so grateful to watch you grow with Glow.

Oslo, born in the water at home on 7/27/20, weighing 9lb 10oz with the most beautiful head of light blonde hair. This special family worked in perfect harmony of the dawning sun. His entrance was powerful and immediately captured the hearts of everyone. The Glow team is so grateful to have cared for you the whole way through!

Welcome to the world, Chase! He is the second Glow baby for this family, born in their home on 7/16/20 weighing in at a healthy 10lbs. Big brother was immediately smitten. You’re loved so deeply! Thank you for letting the Glow team be a part of your journey into the world!

This dear family has had 3 babies with Glow Midwifery! Relationship-based care is one of the great strengths and blessings of midwifery care. What a joy to share so many powerful and beautiful experiences with our families!