This little sweetie was born in the water at home…. exactly what her parents hoped for after an emergency c-section with their first baby. What a triumphant and healing birth! Welcome Shiloh Marie

What an honor and joy to be midwife to a midwife! Florence Ivy, we celebrate your remarkable birth and your mama’s brave and beautiful journey into motherhood! Born at home on October 16th, 7lb 6oz

Meet Eve Marie, who fulfilled her mama’s deep wish for a gentle waterbirth at home – 7lb, 9oz.

Wyatt adores his baby sister Scarlett, and gives her a kiss during a postpartum visit at Glow Midwifery. She was one of those very rare babies born fully in the caul! So magical!

Thank you dear Glow families for coming together for our annual Glow Midwifery Picnic!!! What a beautiful reminder to us all of how deeply important the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum is, impacting not just our bodies, but our hearts and souls as well. Your loving, conscious choice to seek holistic midwifery care ripples out into our community in ways we cannot even know!

Glow Midwifery Annual Picnic 2018

Levi Andrew was born at home after an amazing journey with his strong mama on August 12th. 9lb 3oz!!

Birth is always magical and miraculous! Luca was born on July 22nd and received with tremendous love. We will miss him and his beautiful parents!