Honest photo from a home birth… what a privilege and honor to do this most sacred work of midwifery! This 10lb, 6oz baby girl was born at home surrounded by her extended family who embraced the whole experience with love, joy and great trust. Kaliyah Trillium, you and your strong mama blessed us all!

10lb 6 oz Laurel Grace was born at home on June 19th after a long labor full of trust and strength. She was so lovingly and peacefully welcomed!

Sweet Samuel Jacob was born at home in the early morning hours on May 3rd! 7lb 5oz

Glow baby Oliver Fritz was born in the caul, amazing his midwives and parents with his swift, beautiful birth at home!

Olivia Piper Anne was born on May 3rd to the great joy of her loving family and Midwives! 7lb 13oz


This beautiful, sweet boy was born on a spring morning in April  Phoenix Grey, your Glow Midwives will miss you and your dear family now that you have “graduated” from our care!

Lachlann Warren with his sweet sister. Born in the water at home, 6lb 15oz!

We love this incredible photo taken moments after this strong mama gave birth to her baby girl, Saga Kate!! Joy, pride, ecstasy!

Glow baby Eden Rae was born at home surrounded by the love of her two grandmas, one devoted auntie, three attentive midwives, one proud daddy and a very affectionate pup!